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sideshow (15)
dolphin pull (10)
bridge plus (15)
krav maga kick
bow wow (15)
bicycle (30)
trimming tap (8)
spiderman (15)

Mango Week!!


Enough Nonsense!


Enough nonsense!Collapse )


The plateau is over!

Let this forever be known as the day I, Kasper, ceased to be obese and began being merely overweight.  For a 5'5" woman, the obesity line is 180 lbs.  I am officially 179.0 lbs.  Woot Woot!  Now, back to my regularly scheduled chaos.

Days 36 & 37

I'm too tired to post.  But here it is.  I stayed on my diet.  Got down to 186.4  Woo Hoo, new low! And now I'm going to sleep.  Goodnight peeps.